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Scrap Aluminum Buyers Chennai

Who We Are

We started as a small online Metal Scrap Buyer. Our network of scrap buying business model quickly grew from local to national with hundreds of channel partners across all over India. Since then, Metal Scrap Buyers Chennai has continued to buying and recycling all kind of scrap/waste materials. Despite dramatic growth and success, we remain true to our humble beginnings and consider every customer a member of our family.

Metal Scrap Buyers Chennai is involved in the collection of scraps from the users and small-scale scrap distributors around Chennai. It collects all kind of scrap from industries, homes, companies on a large scale. Our scrap collection process is very highly business oriented. In collection process, we check the current status of scrap and fix the best price prevailing in the market and pay it to the user.

Our price is totally different from other Company’s. Now We are Leading Metal Scrap Buyer, We started with a mission to make India a zero waste country, we are recycling more than 150 tons of scrap and electronic waste every month and hence protecting our natural resources. We became popular as Metal Scrap and electronic waste buyers in Chennai.

Metal Scrap Buyer come to your doorstep to collect your scrap at your convenient time. An electronic digital machine is used by Metal Scrap Buyer and the scrap is also paid immediately. The receipt is given on the goods purchased by us. Ask for pickup boy for receipt. No Service fees charged by Metal Scrap Buyer.

We believe we have a responsibility to take care of our planet and maintain its beauty and resources for future generations. we want to help people regarding waste materials and environment.